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Our Trainers

Fabio and Jonathan

Meet Fabio, a trainer with lifelong experience in fitness. He's developed a unique muscle-building method combining weightlifting and cross-training techniques. Born in 1987, he's passionate about helping people achieve lasting success through balance and determination. Raised in a small Italian town, Fabio came out at 19, moved to Milan, and found a supportive LGBTQ+ community. He believes in the power of fitness to unite people and lighten life's burdens.

Introducing Jonathan, a Fitness Instructor and Life Coach born in 1992. He transitioned from a mental health-focused career at the NHS's Maudsley Hospital. With expertise in guiding psychiatric patients toward life plans, he emphasizes the link between mental and physical well-being. Jonathan is an Accredited Transformational Life Coach and Level 3 Personal Trainer, dedicated to empowering individuals to push their boundaries and foster mental resilience for a purposeful, energetic life.


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